Most find traveling relaxing and rejuvenating, planning on a holiday or a business trip with expectations of comfort and serenity. Most people also find air traveling fun for the first 30 minutes, which later becomes a tiring and exhausting experience as you fly more often and the longer the flight.

Introducing, the Sapphire In-Flight Entertainment Platform, the Next Generation of Connectivity, where the best things in connectivity roll into one In-Flight Connectivity with your favorite airline. From hardware, software, and content, Sapphire brings the airline a full tailored spectrum solution through our world-class partners, who give passengers a platform that satisfies their leisure needs.

With the help of our SapphireDTX engineers, we have developed this powerful hardware compact enough for the aircraft installation. This hardware provides an unprecedented amount of bandwidth streaming Full HD 1080p videos for up to 250 simultaneous connections in each box.

Join the global hit debut and play your favorite network game, targeted advertisement per country or city pair or route, shop Duty free and collect at the airport of destination, all this at the comfort of your seat 30,000 feet in the air. Sapphire redefines your flight expectations and transforms your flight experience into a trip that you look forward to having. Traveling now not only becomes fun when you arrive at your destination but from the moment you board the aircraft.


The Sapphire Crystal Cube offers a powerful Wireless ­IFE on-demand platform that hosts thousands of resolution videos, high-quality Music, Games, and many more.

A revolutionary IFE system that sets it apart from conventional IFE by not interfacing with the aircraft system. The regulatory considerations and the Electro­Magnetic Compatibility (EMC) Assessment on the installation of the Sapphire Crystal system approved under EASA/FAA RTCA DO-160.


Sapphire In-Flight Entertainment System, works on a closed ecosystem, that provides full spectrum of in-flight services and more, with the unparalleled bandwidth in the market to streams to all passenger devices simultaneously.

Airlines and industry partners, receives real time reporting and updates maximizing platform's revenue potential.

Sapphire Crystal Cube Hardware, provides seemess connectivity capable of powering aircraft size of A321-200 (High Density), B737-900, and also with our mesh technology, is capable of expanding to service up to 500 passengers for wide aircraft types, such as A330-300, B787, A350 and others.