Cabin Management System

The Cabin Crew System is an integrated platform which introduces a more efficient method of data acquisition and management of passenger demands and product orders. The system aims to provide and instantaneous communication between the cabin crew and passengers and to have a much reliable management of stocks and profit inventory.

Functional Overview

The Cabin Crew System is integrated in the SAPPHIRE IFE System which showcases a user-friendly interface with several functions which provides assistance to the cabin crew. These features and functions can be accessed through the Cabin Crew Dashboard.

System Features


Flight Information

Displays current aircraft flight information which includes flight number, time of departure and estimated time of arrival


Passenger Information

Displays passenger profile and information in each seat including their transaction history



Displays options to access today’s orders, pending orders, delivered orders, pending returns, returned orders, and top-up cards.


Product in Stocks

Displays a summary of available products in stock which are being managed and updated by the cabin crew.



Displays conversations between the cabin crew and passengers.

Cabin Crew Trainings

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